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School days are winding down, so now is the time to start making summer plans to keep kids busy. So why not teach them some survival skills?

survival skills to teach your kids during summer break

With summer quickly approaching, you are probably already starting to think of things to keep them busy and entertained during the summer.

You are probably like me and don’t want them glued to a TV or playing some video game for hours on end.

You probably want them to learn, explore and get off their butts and do something. Well I have the perfect solution for you: Teach them some survival skills.

Most of these are important lessons that younger generations are not learning anymore, which is a crying shame if you ask me.

Some of these suggestion could even possibly be skills that they find they enjoy and pursue that as a career one day.

And since they are out of school and they don’t have to worry with homework and studying, this will be the perfect time to get out and do some of these survival projects and learn some skills that one day may save their lives.

Activities To Do During The Summer

Go Camping – Camping is a great family fun way to enjoy each other’s company while your kids are inadvertently learning great survival skills and learning how to live in the wilderness if need be when the SHTF.

Go Off Grid – This is great for older kids, teens, and adults especially. Have a whole day with no cell phones, no internet, no TV, and even no electricity. Don’t order out and sleep through the whole day either. Try to play games and come up with dinner without power. This is a good way for kids to learn that they can live without all those electronics. Also, try incorporating this with your camping trip for an even better learning experience.

Go Over What To Do In A Disaster – Write out plans of what to do in different disasters. Remember to add details like what to do if you are home and where you should meet up with other family members. Also remember natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes.

Build A Basic Shelter – Teach your kids how to make a shelter using sticks, grass, paracord and other materials. They will love having a little ‘fort’ to play in for a while.

Learn To Store & Preserve Foods – Make your own jams and jellies, ketchups and BBQ sauces by canning them together. Kids will love to try their very own condiments. Teach them how to properly store food and water.

Read Children’s Survival Books – This will improve their knowledge about what needs to be done in a crisis. It’ll help prepare them for when the SHTF.

Plant A Small Garden – Heck, it doesn’t need to even be a garden. Just plant a vegetables in a planter if you want. Teach them to know when it needs watering and how to know it is ready to be picked.

Make Your Own Bug Out Bags – Skim through this list for items you may need for your bug out bags. If you already have a bug out bag go through it to test and check everything like flashlights and other battery powered items and check clothing items you have to make sure it still works, fits and etc.

Practice Some Archery – Build a bow or buy a bow and some arrows and have at it. Teach your kids how to aim and focus on the target. Always have someone to  supervise though!

Build Food Buckets – They will get a kick out of making these survival buckets.

Go Fishing – Going to the lake or pond and fishing is the ultimate way to start the summer. Older kids may like to try survival fishing with some fishing line and a hook. Get them to try to find something to make a fishing pole like a stick or a tree limb. Younger kids can be taught how to tie knots and flip over rocks to find worms and bugs for tackle. Try to teach them to feel when they get a nibble since in a survival situation you are more than likely not going to have a bobber.

Get Water From Trees – They will love to see a demonstration about how to get water out of a tree. Here’s a handy guide that will show them.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few things you can do with your kids during the summer to teach and prepare them for disasters.

A lot of these are skills that they should learn anyways but this is doing it in a fun exciting way to keep their attention and teach them without them knowing. Make it fun and exciting.

What will YOU be teaching your child this summer? Have an idea? Share it in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you.






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