Democrats Push California-Style Gun Control for North Carolina

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Democrats in the North Carolina House are pushing a California-style gun roster that opens the door to a microstamping requirement in the Tar Heel State.

California has an approved handgun roster, which means licensed dealers in the state are only allowed to sell handguns that meet certain criteria. Part of that criteria is a requirement that pistols sold in California be capable of microstamping.

Microstamping is a firearm identification method whereby the firing pin of the gun is imprinted with special markings to leave a fingerprint of sorts on the shell casing. No gun manufacturers currently employ microstamping technologies because the technology has not proved viable. Moreover, even if the technology existed, it would be easy to defeat by removing the factory firing pin or simply scratching the special markings off the end of it.

An even easier method around microstamping is to use a revolver instead of a pistol.

Yet North Carolina State Rep. Verla Insko (D-Orange County) and seven of her colleagues are pushing to create a California-style handgun roster in North Carolina. Insko’s bill is called “Ensure Safe Handguns.”

In the lead-up to the June 1 Gun Violence Awareness Day, Insko made clear her support for more gun control:

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